Tell us your story …

Have you experienced a dangerous situation when travelling on the Waterfall Way?  Have you had a near miss with a truck?
Do you have a comment to make?
Do you have a photo you would like us to post on our website?

Tell us your story …


3 thoughts on “Tell us your story …

  1. It’s great that we will have improved pedestrian access, targeted random RMS patrols, upgraded road surfaces and road safety reviews on Waterfall Way, but there is an “elephant in the room” – and that is the ENVIRONMENT … What will be the long term effects of emissions, noise and tyre residue, which have the capacity to destroy our air quality and pollute our river system. We need an Environmental Impact Study as soon as possible!

  2. While traveling to Armidale recently at 8am I was in a line of 14 vehicles behind an empty cattle truck going up the mountain. I thought it might stop at the top of the hill and let us all pass, but NO. We all continued through to Dorrigo township, out past the high school and then the truck pulled over into a parking bay and let us all pass. I then witnessed some dangerous driving as cars decided to pass at any opportunity. I travel this route often and my journey was delayed by some time due to the slow movement up the mountain. There needs to be a pull-over bay at the top of the mountain opposite the National Park so that trucks can safely pull-over to let traffic pass.

  3. Today at 1:10 pm when driving to Coffs Harbour I was confronted by a blue gravel truck and trailer travelling in the opposite direction near Cameron’s Corner – the driver’s side wheels were completely over the double white lines. I had a moment of panic before the driver corrected himself.

Tell us your Story

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