JRPP Hearing – a win for community consultation …


On Thursday 15th December, 2016, the Joint Regional Planning Panel met in Dorrigo to consider an application by Sheridans Hard Rock Quarry to modify their existing development consent to allow for an increase of truck movements on peak haulage days from 20 loads (40 trips) to 66 loads (132 trips).

The hearing was well attended by Bellingen Shire residents, some of whom spoke about their concerns at the lack of proper community consultation, the lack of independent monitoring of truck movements and the effect of the extra peak haulage traffic on the health and wellbeing of the community.

The meeting also heard from a representative of the Dorrigo Land Council who expressed concerns about a lack of consultation by decision making bodies regarding cultural and heritage considerations.

The JRPP Panel was concerned to learn that in 2017 the first two stages of Bellingen’s Main Street Plan are to commence with funds allocated by the NSW Government.  The stated purpose of this plan is to turn Bellingen into a “pedestrian friendly town”.

The community was gratified when the JRPP moved a motion to defer approval of the application to allow for further consultation with Clarence Valley Council, Bellingen Shire Council and the RMS.

Neither Bellingen Shire Council, nor RMS representatives were present at the hearing.

The community looks forward to working with Clarence Valley Council, Bellingen Shire Council and the RMS at a Round Table – which will address the health, safety and amenity issues raised by the Bellingen Shire Community.

Attached are copies of two of the presentations made to the JRPP:




Contact information …

  • To report a traffic incident on Waterfall Way …

Visit the contact page on the RMS Live Traffic website

  • For more information on projects on the Waterfall Way and the Waterfall Way Safety Review:

Visit www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roadprojects (search Waterfall Way)
Phone: (02) 6640 1300
Email: grafton.regional.office@rms.nsw.gov.au

  • Vehicle Classification System – the highlighted in red are NOT permitted on the Dorrigo Mountain Road – if you see one, try to get the registration number and report it to the RMS on the Live Traffic website page above.
Vehicle Classifications

Vehicle Classifications

Printable pdf format document:  Vehicle Classifications


Post Christmas reminder …

The following editorial and public notice appeared in the Bellingen Courier Sun as a reminder to road users to be aware of the return of truck traffic post Christmas, and to publicise the contact details for complaints regarding truck driver behaviour …

Bellingen Courier Sun 07 Jan 2015

Bellingen Courier Sun 07 Jan 2015

Bellingen Courier Sun 07 Jan 2015

Bellingen Courier Sun 07 Jan 2015

2014 Report on Waterfall Way

People with an Interest in Road Safety for the Waterfall Way would like to thank all of those community members who worked alongside us identifying critically needed road repairs and crisis points along the route and cooperating with Bellingen Council and the Roads and Maritime Authority to put together a Road Safety Action Plan between November 2013 and the end of 2014.

We were able to work with Lend Lease and the quarry owners to set up communication lines and monitor and regulate Driver behaviour on Waterfall Way.  The company is encouraging the public to report any incidents immediately through the TIP number (3 Numbers) on the front of the truck.

If you miss the number take note of the colour, the time and the place as all trucks are fitted with GPS and in many instances can be tracked.  We want to thank most of the truck drivers doing this run as their skills are impressive and most are respectful and careful drivers.

  • Telephone:  1800 800 612 (press ‘2’ to speak with a project representative)
  • Email:               nh2u@lendlease.com
  • Mailing:            PO Box 506, Nambucca Heads, NSW, 2448

We are also pleased to note that the project finalisation has recently been put at July 2015 and that will be a big relief for those residents who live on Waterfall Way and who are most affected by noise, dust and loss of amenity.

We must not get side tracked into an argument about whether we should or should not have a By-pass of Bellingen but rather try to find an intelligent solution to transporting goods up and down Waterfall Way.  Once the Pacific Highway is completed development will grow along the route and there will be more need for gravel and a myriad of other reasons for people to travel between the Mountains and sea.

On Monday the 5th January the Trucks will recommence, running through Dorrigo and Bellingen again and will be running approximately every seven minutes.  Please ensure that you allow a little more time for your journeys and let our visitors know, “Roll on July 2015 so that Bellingen can welcome you to our yet again, peaceful village”.

Working Group

Waterfall Way survey …

As you are aware, heavy vehicle traffic on Waterfall Way has increased over recent months and is due to increase even more as the construction of the Urunga bypass ramps up.  This presents a safety and quality of life issue for the broader community.  People with an Interest in Road Safety for Waterfall Way – is therefore seeking feedback from business owners and residents located along Waterfall Way.

The Working Group is delivering the attached survey and where possible talking to businesses which might be directly affected by the increased traffic.  Delivery of the surveys should be completed before Christmas and we are asking people to respond either by email, or by dropping their completed survey in to Polly at the IGA by 31st December 2014.

Please use the attached survey if you do not receive a copy in your letterbox, or if you know of someone who has been affected by the increased traffic.

Waterfall Way Survey December 2014

Waterfall Way Survey December 2014

Waterfall Way Survey December 2014