Waterfall Way Draft Corridor Strategy

The following article appeared in the Bellingen Courier-Sun on 02 August 2017.
Further information appears on this page below the article – we encourage you to submit your thoughts on the draft strategy by Monday 21 August 2017.

Bellingen Courier-Sun 02 August 2017

Roads and Maritime Services in collaboration with Transport for NSW has developed the Waterfall Way Draft Corridor Strategy.  This draft sets out the proposed strategic vision to manage and guide the development of the Waterfall Way road corridor to improve safety, traffic efficiency and sustainability.  The draft strategy can be viewed at www.rms.nsw.gov.au/northerncorridors

The RMS is asking for community feedback on the draft strategy.  The feedback period is from Monday 24 July to Monday 21 August 2017.

To provide feedback you can:

Whilst there is currently no commitment, or funding for, the proposed actions identified in this draft, your feedback will shape future planning and you are encouraged to send comments.




BSC responds to our letter …

Here is the Bellingen Shire Council’s response to our letter of 09 January, 2017:

Note that our letter did not refer to the DA modification request by Sheridans Hard Rock Quarry, rather it contained questions relating to the long term effects on the community of increased heavy vehicle traffic over the coming years.

BSC Response Page 1

BSC Response Page 1

BSC Response Page 2

BSC Response Page 2

This document can be printed in pdf format:  BSC response to our letter

JRPP Hearing – a win for community consultation …


On Thursday 15th December, 2016, the Joint Regional Planning Panel met in Dorrigo to consider an application by Sheridans Hard Rock Quarry to modify their existing development consent to allow for an increase of truck movements on peak haulage days from 20 loads (40 trips) to 66 loads (132 trips).

The hearing was well attended by Bellingen Shire residents, some of whom spoke about their concerns at the lack of proper community consultation, the lack of independent monitoring of truck movements and the effect of the extra peak haulage traffic on the health and wellbeing of the community.

The meeting also heard from a representative of the Dorrigo Land Council who expressed concerns about a lack of consultation by decision making bodies regarding cultural and heritage considerations.

The JRPP Panel was concerned to learn that in 2017 the first two stages of Bellingen’s Main Street Plan are to commence with funds allocated by the NSW Government.  The stated purpose of this plan is to turn Bellingen into a “pedestrian friendly town”.

The community was gratified when the JRPP moved a motion to defer approval of the application to allow for further consultation with Clarence Valley Council, Bellingen Shire Council and the RMS.

Neither Bellingen Shire Council, nor RMS representatives were present at the hearing.

The community looks forward to working with Clarence Valley Council, Bellingen Shire Council and the RMS at a Round Table – which will address the health, safety and amenity issues raised by the Bellingen Shire Community.

Attached are copies of two of the presentations made to the JRPP: